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Stephen Hawking, 1965

Stephen Hawking dan Jane, 1965

Stephen Hawking, wedding day.

Being nerds does not have to equal unfashionable.

Dean Kamen, Mad Genius

Dean Kamen, paling dikenal sebagai pencipta Segway, adalah seorang mad genius:

The rest of Kamen’s story is scientific legend, and he doesn’t mind telling it: how he started tinkering with transistors and built a light box that pulsed along with the family stereo; how he snuck into the Hayden Planetarium in New York to install a new light show and launch an electronics career that was earning him $60,000 a year when he was just out of high school; […] how he refused to go to college classes and focused his relentless will on bending the Worcester Polytechnic Institute to his purposes. “I said, ‘I’m paying my tuition to have the entire faculty as business consultants. I recognize that is not consistent with your model, which is, You know better than I and I have to take this much math and these electives, and all that stuff is valuable, but right now I’m focused, I’m allowed to make a rational decision, I can pay you this tuition and avail myself of this extraordinary faculty, but I’m not going to waste my time in class because the opportunity costs would be too high.’ “

Artikel selengkapnya ada di Esquire. Dia seorang yang eksentrik, melepaskan diri dari Amerika dan mendirikan The Empire of North Dumpling di sebuah pulau kecil dekat Connecticut, dan bereksperimen dengan green technology di sana hingga sukses menjadikannya “negara” pertama yang carbon-neutral.

Yang paling mengagumkan adalah Dean Kamen sekarang memfokuskan kejeniusannya untuk green technology, menciptakan water purifier untuk orang-orang yang kesulitan air di dunia ketiga, dan segala macamnya.

He’s going to save the world.

People said it was impossible, but Kamen hates that word. Don’t tell me it’s impossible, he says, tell me you can’t do it. Tell me it’s never been done. Because the only real laws in this world — the only things we really know — are the two postulates of relativity, the three laws of Newton, the four laws of thermodynamics, and Maxwell’s equation — no, scratch that, the only things we really know are Maxwell’s equation, the three laws of Newton, the two postulates of relativity, and the periodic table. That’s all we know that’s true. All the rest are man’s laws.